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About me

Tina Lackner
Everything I do, I do it with passion. In order to understand the past, we must analyze it, make it tangible, and bring the past to life. I grew up in Slovenia, but moved to Austria to study music, and settled down in this beautiful country where I met my husband. We are parents to three sweet children - Jakob, Frida and Greta. Our family loves living in Austria, but we are also thankful to have had an amazing experience living in the United States for several months. Since 2012, I have enjoyed working for the Esterhazy Foundation. Learning about the historical estate of Dr. Paul V. Esterházy, the last reigning prince led to my passion for sharing Austria’s past. Studying to become a state-certified tour guide allowed me to make that dream a reality. My goal is to inspire you with the past. Take a walk with me through centuries of Austrian history.

My options

Guided tours in historical downtown areas of Eisenstadt, Rust or Mörbisch

  • Highlights of typical architecture, culture and lifestyle
  • Fixed date
  • Register via PM, Email, Insta or Facebook.
Approx. 1hr. from 10€ / person
Bound to a minimum number of participants

Special guided tours

  • Jewish Eisenstadt
    Trace the paths of the prominent families
  • Vienna downtown
    An amazing experience through the historical old town
  • Haydn + Co
    View the city through the eyes of a musical genius
  • Palacegarden Eisenstadt
    English garden with many extras
  • Further special arrangements
    Are possible per request
Approx. 1.5hr. from 15€ / person
For groups per request

Private guided tours

  • Create an amazing experience with a personalized guided tour.
  • All arrangements can be tailored to the interests of individual guests, or groups of any size.
Approx. 1hr. from 150€
Price according to group size, dates on request
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Tina Lackner
Tina Lackner
Corvinusweg 11
7000 Eisenstadt

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